When it comes to fire safety, your business shouldn't take anything for granted. Smoke detectors are a critical safety tool that can help you detect fires during their early stages. However, older smoke detectors often have low sensitivity and multiple operating issues. This would make them detect fire late, beep unnecessarily or malfunction altogether.

Smart smoke detectors are a new piece of equipment that can improve fire safety in your business. Not only do they connect with sprinklers and alarms to communicate signals better, but they also conserve charge for longer and have a higher sensitivity to smoke detection. You may be wondering whether your business should invest in smart smoke detectors. Here are some benefits that you'll enjoy from such an investment.

An excellent choice for older buildings

If your office is located in an older building that has substandard build quality (or is poorly insulated), you may need equipment that can detect rising smoke levels early. Smart smoke detectors are an excellent option for older buildings. This is because they're convenient to install and can transmit emergency signals more efficiently.

By catching fire early, you can prevent extensive damage that would otherwise occur in your building. Smart detectors are also useful for high-risk areas such as storage rooms, data centres and areas of high customer/employee traffic.  

Suitable for new appliances

If your business has recently upgraded with new appliances, you will find smart smoke detectors an excellent fit. Smart detectors can integrate with your appliances to communicate signals efficiently. For example, if food is burning in the oven, you can receive a notification from the oven itself even before the smoke alarm goes off. And vice versa, the smoke detector can give you an indication of where the smoke might be coming from (such as from the oven, if the oven is interconnected with your smart smoke detector).

New, smart appliances have many innovative features that can integrate with your smoke detectors to enhance fire safety.

For businesses that are on the move

If your business rarely has workers on-site, your top concern might be to keep equipment and supplies safe. Old smoke detectors would often detect fires in their advanced stages, and some didn't have the capability to transmit signals to a mobile device.

Smart smoke detectors are now capable of detecting weak smoke signals and informing you on time. This gives you the option of taking the necessary action, such as triggering sprinklers or instructing employees to inspect the affected area. Contact an electrician to learn more and to get help installing a smart smoke detector.