If you're thinking of selling your home, getting a return on investment may be one of your primary goals. There are many different factors that determine the value of your property. But in addition to size, location and market, you should also consider the electrical infrastructure of your home.

Little details such as lighting, outlets and smoke detectors can elevate the value of your home and attract more buyers. Therefore, consider carrying out the following electrical repairs before putting your property on the market.

1.    Replace the circuit box

The circuit box is an essential safety feature in most homes. It ensures that all electrical circuits are safe and that electrical flow won't be interrupted in case of a surge. If your circuit box (or main electrical panel) is damaged, potential buyers may deem the home unsafe and look elsewhere.

Consider replacing all loose/damaged wiring, replacing faulty circuit breakers and upgrading outdated electrical panels. A modern and safe operation will reassure buyers that the home is ready to handle heavy electrical use.

2.    Fixing broken kitchen and bathroom lights

Most buyers closely examine the kitchen and bathroom when making their decision to purchase a home. It can be a huge turnoff when the buyer flips on your kitchen/bathroom lights only to see loose wires dangling from the ceiling. Avoid this negative experience by replacing damaged wiring. Frayed wires that are exposed should be removed and replaced, while unexposed wires should be properly insulated before attaching new light fixtures.

Also, consider installing stylish lighting that matches the overall look of your kitchen/bathroom space. Replace incandescent bulbs with LEDs or smart lights that radiate a modern theme. This should be accompanied by durable switches and insulated wiring behind all walls. In a nutshell, make all kitchen and bathroom electrical infrastructure to appear clean, safe and functional.   

3.    Repairing broken switches and outlets

The outlets can also make a big difference to buyers. Does the master bedroom or living room have too few outlets? Consider installing additional ones to make the home modern and useful. The cost of installing an additional outlet is far less than losing a customer's potential bid. When installing outlets, ensure that each runs off its own circuit. This may involve running additional wiring to the electrical panel. The cost is worth it, as buyers can plug in more devices into their outlets without worrying about overloading.  

4.    Installing new smoke detectors

While it's a simple task, installing smoke detectors will enhance fire safety and show the buyer that you take building regulations seriously. Indeed, this small gesture shows attention to detail and wins over buyers.