Light is one of the most important electrical aspects of any modern home. That's why it can be so frustrating when your light bulbs keep burning out. If you have found that one particular light fixture in your home keeps burning bulbs out constantly, then you need to stop buying new bulbs and work out what the problem is.

The following 3 electrical issues are some of the most common causes of prematurely burned out lightbulbs.

1. The Bulbs Aren't Connected Properly

Are you connecting your light bulbs properly? Improperly connected light bulbs will burn out instantaneously or within a few minutes if they connect too tightly or too loosely. When you screw a lightbulb into the fixture with too little force, it doesn't receive enough voltage to function fully. Moreover, intermittent voltage can cause a light bulb to burn out.

But if you screw a light bulb into a fixture too tightly, you risk damaging the socket tab, which can also burn the light bulb out. The socket tab is the small piece of metal that supplies a light bulb with the power it needs to turn on. A damaged socket tab will continue to burn out light bulbs until you get it fixed.

2. There's Too Much Vibration in the Area

This might sound strange but vibration can also cause a light bulb to burn out prematurely. If this is a common occurrence, then consider the vibration as a possible cause. Where is your light fixture located? Is there anything in the area that causes regular jolts of vibration to run through the ceiling where the light fixture is?

Garage doors, motors and ceiling fans can all cause enough vibration to burn out a bulb. Moreover, if the bulb is in an area that sees heavy foot traffic, such as on a busy stairway in a house or apartment block, the constant pounding of feet can be enough to jar loosed connections or badly done wiring.

3. The Wiring Is Poorly Done

Who carried out the wiring job on your lighting fixture? Sometimes, the wiring in an electrical fixture is so poorly done that the fixture burns light bulbs out over and over until it is fixed. Either the wiring is too loose or it is not connected properly. Either way, stop placing lightbulbs in the fixture until you get a professional to diagnose the issue.

When you have no knowledge of how electrical fixtures and appliances work, things can get very frustrating when your electrics don't work as they should. If your light bulbs keep burning out, call a professional electrician. It'll save you money in the long run!

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