One of the best decisions you can make as a property owner is to install a solar system. Solar energy is renewable, free and reliable, compared to electricity. But the key to getting value for your investment is to maintain your solar panels effectively. After all, solar panels are often designed to last for more than two decades, and you want to maximise energy production throughout these years. The good news is that the solar panel maintenance process is easy, and you don't need to get expensive cleaners or special equipment. So, whether you installed your solar system to reduce your energy expenses or conserve the environment, be sure to consider the following guidelines.

Create a record of the system's performance

The only way to know if your solar system investment is paying off is to monitor the energy production on a day to day basis. This should be done at a specific hour of the day to get accurate data. Keeping this record helps you discern if the solar system is working effectively. If the solar system performance decreases significantly and you know it was sunny all day, you can hire someone to check the system out. Perhaps something is hindering energy production, and it needs to be fixed so you can get more energy.

If you don't want to record the statistics manually, consider getting an energy monitoring system. These gadgets come in various models (from comprehensive application systems to simple displays), and all you have to do is download the daily or cumulative data to your personal computer.

Clean the panels regularly

Since solar panels are stationary, they can accumulate dirt and dust, making it difficult to produce energy. Experts recommend that you keep them clean by removing debris and any cloudy film that forms on the panels. The rain can help you with this task, but if it rarely rains, then you will have to DIY or check and wash them accordingly.

Ensure the panels get direct sunlight

Although your solar installation expert will ensure that your panels are strategically placed to get continued access to the sunlight daily, you need to play your part as well. The sun patterns normally change slightly, and some tall trees in your lawn may block the sun's rays, reducing energy production.

Therefore, if you realise that the surrounding bushes and trees have started encroaching the space your panels occupy due to growth, do not hesitate to trim some foliage or branches. This way, you will still get the shade you need and enjoy more free energy.