You may require electrical rewiring services if you need to add sockets, switches or lighting fixtures in your home or workplace, think that there is some electrical wiring fault in your electrical system, need to remodel or extend your home or workplace, etc. Here's what you need to know about electrical rewiring:

Important Considerations

The first rule is not to perform any DIY electrical wiring installation or repair work, especially if you have little or no experience in electrical work. You might electrocute yourself or even get burnt. Additionally, you might damage electrical appliances and also cause a fire that can damage your property. Ask yourself this:

Do You Know Anything About Electrical Wiring Colour Codes?

There are different colours used for live, neutral and earth wires. Depending on where you are from, they can either be red, black and green, brown, light blue and yellow or red, white and dark blue respectively. If you don't know this, don't go near any electrical wiring work.

Do You Know or Have the Necessary Tools to Carry Out Electrical Work?

Electrical work may not only require screwdrivers and a pair of pliers. You might need tools to create a path for the electrical wires in your wall, which depend on whether you have a wooden or concrete wall. If you have a concrete wall, you might need to have skills in concrete preparation.

Do You Have or Know the Required Personal Protective Gear?

You need to protect yourself from electrocution, cuts and debris that may get into your eyes. If you do not know which gear is needed to achieve this, contact an electrical wiring contractor.

Do You Know About Different Amp Readings?

Some electrical appliances, like your cooker, may require you to use a socket that supports a high amp reading. That is why you find the kitchen socket having one bigger switch labelled 'cooker' and a small one labelled 'socket'. There is a reason for this: the cooker switch supports a higher electrical current that is enough to withstand the power needed by your cooker. If you connect your cooker to a socket with a lesser amp reading, the socket may get burnt over time.

Best Thing to Do

Always contact an electrical contractor who specialises in electrical wiring services. It is safe, helps you avoid making costly mistakes and guarantees you quality work.

Choosing Residential or Commercial Electrical Contractors

Ask yourself two questions: Where do you want electrical wiring to be done? Is it in your home or workplace? Hire a residential electrical contractor for home electrical rewiring needs and a commercial electrical contractor for workplace/commercial electrical rewiring needs. The reason behind this is that commercial electrical work may require the use of more advanced skills than residential electrical work.