The average roof on a single-family home is designed to last for a generation. However, it will eventually need to be replaced, and this can represent a sizeable cost to the owner. Yet in today's eco-conscious world, a compromise may be possible involving a solution that can not just provide protection but lower the carbon footprint as well. What is this solution?

Two Birds with One Stone

Some homeowners have considered installing a solar array on their roof before but may have discounted the idea due to its appearance. After all, they may take pride in the way that they present their house and may not appreciate the awkward look of the conventional solar installation. However, they may be able to take advantage of a solution that would be perfect in their situation by introducing a rooftop made of solar shingles. This option could kill two birds with one stone.

Solar shingles have been around for some time, and the technology became available more than ten years ago. Since that time, the idea has become more refined and not as expensive as it once was.


Solar shingles are similar in many respects to the traditional array, but they are covered with a special louvre that is largely indistinguishable from street level. They can be attached in rows and can replace most or all of the shingles that you would otherwise have introduced when replacing the roof.


 It takes a lot less time to install this type of solar system when compared to the conventional array. Furthermore, these solar shingles require little if any maintenance and will last for a great deal of time once they've been introduced. They are very small and relatively lightweight, so they do not present any challenge when it comes to the structure of the roof itself. Furthermore, you will not need to get an evaluation of your roof (as you would if you were introducing a stand-alone array) and this will make the entire installation process that much easier.

Exploring Your Options

It is worth looking at this option to see if it would work for you. You'd be able to reduce your monthly energy bill and significantly crimp the size of your carbon footprint. As you need to get the roof replaced anyway, it's definitely worth considering, and you should talk with an electrician to start the ball rolling.

Talk to a power installation company to learn more about your options.