How much of your business relies on electricity? Apart from the obvious needs such as your computer systems and any commercial equipment on your site, you will need electricity to turn the lights on each morning and perhaps even to operate your locks so that you can get in and out the secure doors. Having an electrical system which you can rely on to keep your business running is vital but how can you ensure that your commercial electrics are working correctly? What will you do if a fault is suddenly identified and you are forced to stop work? The best option for your business is to partner with a professional commercial electrician who you can trust to maintain your electrical systems in perfect order. Here are the three questions that you should ask before selecting the commercial electrician for your business.

Do they have the right commercial experience?

You might think that all electricians are the same, but while the basic electrical principles won't change, the way that the electrician works certainly will. A commercial electrician will know how to work safely in busy environments where business is being conducted. They will understand your focus on returning your equipment to an operational condition without delay and will work with you to facilitate that goal.

Do they have appropriate accreditation?

You should always endeavour to work with people who are not just suitably trained but who can demonstrate that they have the necessary skills. Your business must only work with a commercial electrician who has a proven track record which demonstrates that they know how to repair equipment similar to yours. In addition to qualifications, you should also check that the commercial electrician will have appropriate insurance for all of the work that they will be carrying out on your site. Their insurance cover will ensure that not only will you not lose out if they cause damage to your premises or your equipment while working, but you will also be protected if an injury occurs to the electrician or someone else while they are working. If the commercial electrician works with a partner then it is vital that you check that both members of the team are fully insured before they start work.

Do they communicate well?

Sometimes it isn't just about the skills of the commercial electrician but also about how well they relate to your business. Before you agree to a longer-term relationship see how you get on with the company. Take time to see whether they communicate well with your staff. Do they tell you how long a job is likely to take or do they strip out your equipment and then vanish for several hours during the day? Establishing communication is vital to a strong business relationship.