Sometimes you'll need to urgently call an electrician if you notice odd smells, noises and other clues that something is wrong. Other times, you'll require an expert to improve the functionality of your home or when you're remodelling. The following are several reasons you might call.


Clues and warning signs can suggest that the electrical system is struggling in some way. For instance, you might get an electrical shock from a light switch or notice sparks escaping from an outlet. While wiring within walls can't directly be seen, you can sometimes smell problems. Burning odours can result from smouldering wires that could result in flames. Noises might also alert you of issues. Electricity should be silent, so buzzing and crackling sounds need investigating to make sure everything is safe.

System Overloads

Another reason you might call an electrician is for convenience. If the circuit breaker is continually flicking off every time you turn on an extra heater, it gets tedious. You might thus limit what appliances you use to avoid tripping the system. These breakers are set up so that each wiring circuit carries a maximum current strength. It switches off as a safety measure if it overloads. An electrician can access whether you need an upgrade to cope with demand.

Inconvenient Outlet Positions

Not only does the capacity of your electrics matter, but the placement of outlets and switches also does. If numerous extension cords and additional power boards are cluttering up the sockets, the situation can be dangerous and annoying. How much simpler would it be to plug everything into a nearby outlet? An electrician can add more outlets in walls where you need them, close to TVs, computers and other appliances. 

You might similarly want more accessible light switches. For example, if you stumble in the dark upon arriving home at night before locating the light switch metres into the room, an electrician can move it closer to the doorway.

Renovation Projects

Home renovation projects are exciting. Kitchen remodelling can involve rearranging the layout, putting the stove, fridge, dishwasher, sink and benches in your preferred positions. In this situation, an electrician will need to change the wiring to accommodate the new arrangement. They can add outlets along the splashback area and other handy spots to make life more comfortable. You'll need electrical work for renovations in other areas also, particularly in bathroom areas, which have strict safety regulations.