When you come home in the evening and the lights won't switch on, or when you go to turn on the television and realise that every plug socket on the ring has failed, what do you do? You could open your box of tools and have a go at repairing the circuit, but unless you have sufficient electrical knowledge and qualifications, that would not be wise. Electricity is dangerous and, without the appropriate skills, you could cause serious injury to yourself or another member of your family. A far better option is to call a qualified professional who understands electrical circuits and will be able to undertake your electrical repairs safely and in a timely manner.  

Finding an electrician you can trust

Sometimes calling an electrician or any other tradesman can feel a little like a lottery. You need their help urgently so you find the number online and call them but you have no prior knowledge of their skills or experience and cannot be sure that they will be a good fit for your problem. It's much more preferable to do some research on tradesmen in advance so that when you have an emergency, you already have the number of someone who you can trust to help you. Here are two important criteria by which you can judge anyone you are considering asking to undertake electrical repairs.

How fast can they get there?

If you want someone to fit an extra plug socket, then you may not mind waiting a few days. But if you are sitting in darkness because your home lighting has failed, then you need a faster response. Ask your prospective electrician what their average response time is and whether they can reach you in a reasonable timeframe.

Will their work last?

When you ask someone to complete electrical repairs in your home, then you will want some reassurance that their work is safe and that the electrical repairs will last. Ask the tradesman what warranty they offer on their work. You will also want to check that their company is well-established and has a recognised street address that you can contact. A warranty is of little value if you can no longer contact the company that completed the work.

When you need any electrical repairs completed at your home then you can ask any electrician these questions before you agree to hire them to carry out the repairs.