It is always important to carry out your job safely and effectively. In some cases, that may involve little more than conducting a careful visual inspection of a product or the area where you are working. If you are using heavy equipment or machinery, things become more complex. Proper control of heavy machinery must be maintained at every point of the operation.

Often, the operator will be seated on the machinery and controlling it directly, but sometimes that isn't possible. Perhaps, the space is too confined to allow the operator to work, or maybe the task is considered too high risk? When an operator cannot be present on the machinery, the only viable alternative is to adopt remote control. To avoid problems with the remote control equipment, it must be powered by an appropriate battery.

The safety benefits of remote control technology

By standing to the side of the remotely operated equipment, such as, a skip loader, tail lift or perhaps a knuckle boom crane, you can see what is going on around the operation and be alert for any dangers that might escape from the notice of someone mounted on the equipment. As remote control equipment powered by a battery can operate independently of the machinery, any fault that develops on the machine should not affect the remote control equipment. You will be able to shut it down or redirect it as needed if a dangerous situation occurs. To ensure that the battery does not fail unexpectedly, you must only use an approved battery with your heavy equipment.

Which batteries do you need?

If you are thinking about moving your equipment to remote-controlled operation, you must take the time to discuss with your supplier which equipment can be operated in that way. You should also ask them what type of battery is needed for each piece of heavy equipment. You might need a Scanreco battery pack for mini or maxi transmitters. You might be looking for a crane battery or something suitable for an excavator. Sometimes, it can be confusing trying to decide which battery fits in each device. Don't risk getting it wrong or fitting an ill-fitting battery. Choosing the wrong battery can damage the equipment and perhaps cause it to fail dangerously. It is always advisable to speak to your supplier and be guided by them. They will have years of experience, selecting batteries for remote control equipment.

If you need to order a battery, including a Scranreco battery, talk to suppliers near you.