A security system can be invaluable for protecting your home or business, but if it's outdated and subpar, you are compromising your security. Wondering if you should update your security system? If you're having any of the following concerns with your existing system, it's time to invest in a new CCTV security system.

1. Messy wires

As you add elements to your security system over time, you may end up with a messy collection of wires connecting your hardware. If this is the case, you may want to upgrade to a new CCTV camera with new supporting equipment. Then, the installation professional can help you set up a coordinated system with organised wiring. 

2. Issues with uptime

Wireless security systems offer a lot of advantages, but they may also struggle with downtime. If your system isn't working when you want it to, you may need to shift to a wired system, or you may need to talk with a security system installation professional about how to create a hybrid wireless-wired system.

3. No remote access

Can you see what's happening with your security system when you're not on the premises? Can you sign in to your laptop or phone and check out the security camera feed at your home or office? If not, you're using an outdated security system, and you may want to upgrade to a system that allows remote access. 

4. Lack of functionality

Remote access is just one of many features that have been added to contemporary security systems over the last few years. When assessing if you need a new system, you may want to consider what other functions could enhance your security levels. 

For example, you might want the ability to change the view of the camera when you're looking at a remote feed. Perhaps, you want a camera that alerts you when there is motion in or around your home or office. Maybe you need equipment that includes audio or body heat sensors. 

5.  Storage issues

The days of needing to store physical tapes are long gone, but some people are still mired in these old security systems. This is time-consuming, and you miss losing important footage if you reuse tapes. 

It may be time for a new CCTV installation that can store footage electronically on your own hardware or save the footage to the cloud. 

The right equipment depends on your unique needs and concerns. To decide if you need to upgrade, contact a security system specialist today.